How A Lack Of Hydraulic Fluids Affects Your Suspension System

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At some point, you may notice that there is something wrong with your car. It doesn't feel the same and it may even be uncomfortable to drive. The problem might be associated with your suspension system. While there are many problems that can cause your suspension system to be defective, you might simply need to add a certain type of fluid that has become depleted.

How Hydraulic Fluids Work

Your car relies on various hydraulic fluids. These are designed to transfer energy generated by your car from one location to another. The advantage of hydraulic fluids is that they compress in a consistent way when force is applied to them. In hydraulic cylinders, the fluid heats up and converts the heat into energy that powers various components in your car. To get the benefits of a hydraulic fluid, you need to make sure that your car has enough and that you use the right type of fluid.

Hydraulic Fluid And Shock Absorbers

You might feel like your car rides very roughly. You might feel every bump on the road and the overall experience might not be enjoyable. All of this indicates that you may have something wrong with your suspension system. The shock absorbers are responsible for dampening these sensations, but if the fluid that the dampeners depend on leaks, this can cause you to feel almost everything. If you hear screeching or screaming, this can indicate that you do not have enough power steering fluid.

Hydraulic Fluids And Your Steering

You might notice that your steering is slipping or it may simply be hard to steer. This can be a sign that you do not have enough steering fluid and the problem can be resolved by simply adding more fluid. However, there are other potential causes, so you should consider having your car taken to a suspension repair specialist. If you have a power-assisted rack and pinion system, the system will contain a hydraulic fluid that makes it easier for the car to be steered in one direction or another. Therefore, if there isn't enough hydraulic fluid, it will be harder to steer.

Diagnosing the problem with your car can help you determine whether you need to take it to a repair technician. However, you shouldn't try to make repairs yourself. Any mistakes you make could make your car unsafe to drive, and you may need to add a specific fluid to your car.

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13 January 2016