Beginner's Mechanic Guide: How To Replace A Front Wheel Bearing Assembly

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Wheel bearings are essential to having a smooth driving vehicle to operate. When the bearings go bad, you'll start to hear grinding sounds coming from the front of the car. The front wheels will also start to feel loose and your steering wheel will start to vibrate. You'll also notice increased wear and tear on your tires. You have to change the bearings as quickly as possible to protect your tires and get that smooth easy handling ride back.

16 February 2016

How A Lack Of Hydraulic Fluids Affects Your Suspension System

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At some point, you may notice that there is something wrong with your car. It doesn't feel the same and it may even be uncomfortable to drive. The problem might be associated with your suspension system. While there are many problems that can cause your suspension system to be defective, you might simply need to add a certain type of fluid that has become depleted. How Hydraulic Fluids Work Your car relies on various hydraulic fluids.

13 January 2016