Transforming Your Basic 4X4 Into An Off-Road Machine With 2 Simple Upgrades

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You may be perfectly satisfied with the way your vehicle behaves on the highway, but take a turn off the road onto an unbeaten path, and you may find that your basic four-wheel-drive really could use a few upgrades. The fact is, even when a vehicle is rated for four-wheel-driving, it does not often roll off of the factory lot with everything you really need to travel rough terrain. Thankfully, when it comes to upgrades that are available for people who seek the thrill of off-road four-wheel-driving, there are many choices. However, there are two simple changes that will completely change how much you anticipate your next off-road adventure.

Off Road LED Light Bar

The headlights that you already have may be the brightest you can find, but chances are, when you are navigating through thick areas and over and under hills and climbs, you will need something else to give you the right amount of visibility up ahead. One of the easiest upgrades is an off road LED light bar. These light bars are easy to install, mounting overhead with just a few brackets and bolts, and they do not drain a great deal of battery power to function. A simple wiring harness leads to an on/off switch in the cab and connects to your power source.  A light bar consists of several rows of small LED lights that are individually wired. Because of its position and powerful lights, you can see your range of visibility greatly enhanced.

Wheel Spacers

Sport utility vehicles are often four-wheel-drive and designed for off-roading. However, some of the older versions are quite notorious for boasting a flip hazard due to a shortened wheel base. To give your older model SUV a stability boost, you should check out wheel spacers. This is a cheap alternative compared to changing the axles completely and is a change that most people can manage to complete within a few short hours. A steel spacer plate is added between the axle and the wheel of your vehicle, giving it an expanded stance that will offer you a more stable ride off road.

You may never realize just how lacking your four-wheel-drive vehicle is in functional features until you get it off the road and you try to handle some rough places. Check out an automotive parts supplier for more ideas about how you can make sure your four-wheel-drive is off-road ready.


12 October 2015