3 Reasons Why Your Car Is Shaking

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Does your car shake when you drive it? Does it feel like the steering wheel is rattling in your hands? If so, then you may want to get it inspected as soon as possible. A shaking car could signal any number of problems, including engine trouble, suspension problems, and wheel or tire issues. The shaking may be an easy fix, but if you let it go on too long, you could have a much more costly and complex issue on your hands. If you're feeling shaking in your car, these three issues could be the reason why:

Engine problems. Your car could start shaking if there's something obstructing the engine from working properly. For example, if the engine doesn't have the air or fuel flow it needs, you may notice shaking when you accelerate. Bad spark plugs or spark plug wiring could also prevent the engine from generating enough power.

If it is engine trouble, you'll likely only notice the shaking at specific times. For instance, the car may start fine but the shake as you speed up. Or the shaking may happen at intermittent times. If the shaking tends to go in and out, then engine issues could be the cause. If the shaking is constant, there may be another, more probable, cause.

Bent axle. Your car is dependent on the rotation of the axles for a smooth ride. Even the smallest bend, dent, or other damage could alter the performance of the axle. It's fairly easy for an axle to get damaged in even the smallest wreck or collision. If your car's shaking seemed to start after a collision, the axles could be the problem. Also, if the shaking starts immediately when you start driving and worsens as you accelerate, then that could also be a sign of axle damage.

It may be possible for a mechanic to repair an axle. However, in most cases, the axle will need to be replaced. It's important to address the problem because over time it can affect your fuel efficiency and possibly cause greater damage to your suspension, tires, and brakes.

Wheels out of alignment. One of the most common causes of a shaking car is the wheels being out of alignment. This can often happen if you hit a pothole or go over a rough stretch of road. One good sign of wheels that are out of alignment is if the car drifts when you let go of the steering wheel, pulling to one side. The good news is that alignment is a pretty easy fix. Any tire service company in your area should be able to help with alignment issues. 

For more information, contact a mechanic, like those at Medina Muffler Repair Service, in your area. They can tell you whether you need wheel alignment, engine repair, or some other service on your shaking vehicle.


30 July 2015