3 Things To Consider To Make Sure Your Windshield Is Safe

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Did you know that the windshield on your car is one of the most important safety features? Many people know that the brakes, seatbelts, and other car features are important, but fail to realize just how essential a good windshield is. This is why it is so important that you are sure that your windshield is working properly. Here are some questions to ask when you get your windshield replaced.

Who Installed The Windshield and What Procedure Did They Use?

It is very important that the person who installed the windshield has been properly trained. There are many important safety features that must be followed; otherwise the windshield may not be safe. For example, it is vital that the person who installed the window wears gloves. This is because the oil on your hands can interfere with the adhesive. This will cause the window not to bond properly to the car. If this is the case, then you are not protected if you are in an accident.

If the person who installed the windshield was not properly trained, or you noticed that they weren't wearing gloves, take your car somewhere else.

How Long Did The Adhesive Sit Before The Car Was Used?

Some places advertize immediate windshield repair. Although this may seem appealing, it isn't safe. In order to get the windshield to properly seal it needs to have plenty of time to dry before the car is actually used.

The type of adhesive that is used will determine the amount of time it takes to seal, but as a general rule you should wait a couple hours before you take the car away. If the place you have taken it to tells you that you can take the car immediately, or within minutes after completing it, then they are not concerned about your safety.

Are All Rock Chips and Dents Removed?

In some cases you won't need to replace the entire window. Instead, you can just focus on certain problem spots. This is called rock chip repair and can save you a lot of money. However, in order for rock chip repair to keep the windshield safe, you have to make sure that every flaw is gone. Otherwise your windshield is at risk for breaking, which could endanger everyone in the car.

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3 March 2015