Accessorize Your Truck To Be More Useful

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A pickup truck is already useful without any kind of accessories, but the more you use your truck, the more you realize that some accessories can multiply the usefulness of it. An open bed is great for hauling some items, but it doesn't keep them organized, and it can be difficult to haul longer items safely. Here you can learn about some options you can add on to your truck to make it more useful in many ways.

Truck Bed Extender

Long items can be difficult to haul in trucks, even if you have a long bed instead of a short bed. Depending on what the item is, it isn't always safe to let it hang over the edge of the tailgate. A truck bed extender offers you a way to support longer loads whether you have a short bed or a long bed.

Ladder Racks

A truck bed extender is great for larger items, but the addition of a ladder rack means that you can haul items that are longer and sometimes less rigid than anything you want to haul in your truck bed. Things like long pipes, lumber, and other building materials can be secured to your ladder racks without being in your way or being a safety hazard. You can even leave the materials up there without losing any kind of storage space in your truck bed.


There are a couple of different kinds of toolboxes for trucks. The one you choose will depend on what you want to use the toolbox for as well as how you use your truck bed. After all, it doesn't do you much good to install a truck bed extender when you are taking up a good portion of your truck bed with a toolbox. If you don't need to use the length of your truck bed, then a toolbox that is secured right behind the cab of the truck may be perfect for you. Otherwise, invest in toolboxes that rest on the side panels so you don't lose any bed space, but still get to organize your tools and keep them locked up.

Whether you add on a pickup bed extender, toolboxes, ladder racks, or anything else, try and plan for the future. You don't have to put everything on in one day, but you do want to make sure that what you do add on is going to serve you well.


5 December 2014