Finding The Perfect Car For Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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If you incorporate green choices into your everyday life, one of the biggest places to focus on is the vehicle that you drive. There are countless eco-savvy options on the market with technology that is focused on minimizing your overall carbon footprint. The Ford brand of automotive products leads the industry standard with unique performance products that help cater to your driving needs and lifestyle. Here are just a few highlights and features that can be found in many newer Ford vehicle models and designs. 

Eco-Conscious Interior While appearances are important with any vehicle, slipping behind the wheel and feeling out the interior is equally essential. Specialized models come standard with an interior made from recycled and natural materials. Fabric is derived from a patented Repreve fiber that helps resist stains and moisture while providing a comfortable and cushioning seating area. Seat cushion fabric in some models are derived from bio-based foam materials that are all-natural and plant based.   

Cutting-Edge Design The sleek appearance of your vehicle is often what sells you on it first. The aerodynamics are more than just eye candy, it actually helps improve the overall performance of the vehicle. Rounded front and rear bumpers along with models that sit close to the ground help improve performance and mileage. 

EcoBoost Motor Many late model Ford vehicles specialize in an EcoBoost engine. The patented technology allows you to save money on gas and reduce emissions while still getting maximum power. By using direct injection and turbocharging technology, you'll experience minimal torque and split-second responsiveness. 

Hybrid Options In addition to low emissions, sleek appearances and total comfort behind the wheel, you can also select from a variety of hybrid options for your new green-minded vehicle. A hybrid vehicle is an option that allows your vehicle to produce minimal emissions by utilizing as much electric power as possible. Some hybrid models use both gas and electric separately or together—depending on your travel needs. In some models, the engine recharges itself through regenerative braking technology or you may have to plug the car in frequently in order to get maximum power. 

The result of driving a hybrid vehicle is to provide a reduced CO2 driving experience. Finding the right model for you means pinpointing the perfect vehicle with incentives and finances that meet your budget and overall personal needs.  Contact your local Ford dealership like Woodrum Ford Lincoln today to get approved to drive home the car of your dreams.


20 November 2014