Golf Cart Accessories To Make Cold Weather Rides Comfortable

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Do you enjoy getting out on your golf cart year-round? Do you hate having to put on several layers of clothes and cover up with a blanket to go out and enjoy the autumn leaves or the winter wonderland? You can accessorize your golf cart to make it a warmer and safer ride for cooler temperatures.

Golf Cart Enclosures

Golf cart enclosures come in a variety of styles and colors. You can find one to coordinate with the color of your golf cart or choose a universal cover that is affordable and easy to install on any golf cart. You will have to choose from enclosures that slide directly over the roof on your golf cart, or enclosures that snap to the underside of the roof.

If you choose an enclosure that snaps on, you will have to have a track installed to the roof. This is a more expensive option to take and it offers no benefits beyond what the more affordable option does.

Golf Cart Heaters

Propane heaters do not require any installation steps. The heating unit connects to the top of a small propane tank that is fitted into a unit that fits into the cup holder in your golf cart. The heating unit requires a battery to ignite the flame. This heater will produce a great amount of heat for your little golf cart.

Electric heaters cost a little more than the propane heaters and they do require some installation work. They must be connected to the batteries in the golf cart, so the number of miles that you can travel on a single charge is decreased. It can also be taxing on batteries that are nearing the end of their lives. The benefit of using the electric heater over the propane heater is that you do not risk the unit falling out of the cup holder during a rough ride and burning you severely.

One final option of heating in your golf cart is a rechargeable seat warmer. The seat warmer is charged before leaving home and will keep you warm for several hours without needing a re-charge. This is a great option for taking the chill out of the cooler autumn rides, but will not be completely effective in keeping you warm during the coldest winter months.

Enjoying your golf cart year round is possible. Adding a few new accessories to the cart can help you get more year-round use out of your cart. Talk with your local golf cart accessories supplier to learn more about the accessories for your cart.


18 November 2014