3 Signs You May Need To Have Your Car Looked At By A Mechanic

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It's important to take careful care of your vehicle so that you can get around safely and are able to protect your investment. If you don't keep up with regular care, you may have to pay a lot of money for serious repairs. It's important to recognize warning signs that you may need repairs so that you can get help as soon as you notice an issue. Take a look at the following information to better understand some of the warning signs that may point to the need to see a mechanic.

Strong Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell, this could be a sign of danger. Usually, this type of smell is very noticeable and smells similar to that of burning rubber. If you have this issue, it may mean that your transmission is leaking fluid, which is unsafe. It may also mean that your fluid needs to be changed; you shouldn't continue to operate your car if you have old fluid. By taking your car to a mechanic, a professional will be able to determine if you need auto transmissions repair or other issues fixed.

A Crunching or Squealing Sound

If you start to notice loud and unusual sounds coming from your vehicle, this may point to a brake problem. This may mean that you need your brakes replaced before it becomes a serious issue and they stop working. A loud crunching noise can also point to worn brake pads. If your brake pads have completely worn away, you can cause serious and permanent damage to your rotors. If you notice any sounds, it's best to have your vehicle looked at right away. 

Fluid Leaks

If you start to notice significant fluid leaking from your car and it's not just the air conditioning fluid during the summer months, something serious may be wrong. If you notice a green or yellow fluid leak, it may be a sign of a radiant cooler leak. Pink or red fluid may mean that you have a transmission leak. If you start to notice more of this type of fluid, it's best to have your car looked at by a mechanic. Any abnormal amounts of fluid leak issues should be looked at. 

Make sure that you keep a careful eye on your car so that it's always taken care of properly. If you have any questions, or if you need repairs, contact a local auto shop today. 


2 September 2015