The Dos And Don'ts Of Having Your Auto Repaired

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Are you planning on taking your car in for service? Have you moved to a new area and are looking for a repair shop? These dos and don'ts of having your auto repaired will make your next visit to the mechanic easier:

Do clean your vehicle: Unless you broke down by the side of the road and your vehicle is being towed, make sure it's free of dirt or clutter before you take it to the shop. The mechanic won't give your car a white glove inspection, but it is polite to remove everything that isn't relevant to the operation of the vehicle. Your mechanic will appreciate not having to look at your empty burger wrappers and be glad that you took the time to make the car look as presentable as possible. Also, removing unnecessary items will make sure that the mysterious rattle isn't an empty soda can under a seat or your golf clubs clinking against the spare tire in the trunk. 

Don't talk about other mechanics: Don't compare your current mechanic to an old favorite in your hometown in their presence. Don't quote prior mechanics as an authority that knows more than other authorities. After all, how would you feel if your boss raved about a former employee and said they were a better worker than you? Conversely, if you've had a negative experience with another repair shop, don't discuss them with your current mechanic. Professional courtesy dictates that mechanics don't speak badly of their competition to the general public. 

Do be realistic with scheduling: Make sure you understand ahead of time how long your car will be at the shop, so that you can adjust your agenda accordingly. Realize that even if your vehicle only needs a quick repair, there could be several cars ahead of you, so don't be impatient if the work isn't done as promptly as you'd like. 

Don't diagnose the problem unless you're a professional: Your mechanic prefers to know what symptoms the car is displaying so they can pinpoint the issue for themselves. If your neighbor's car knocking was caused by carbon deposits, then don't order the mechanic to clean the cylinder walls unless you're trained to spot engine problems. Instead, describe what's happening and when it occurs, so the mechanic will know where to start looking. 

Do ask questions: If the mechanic explains the auto repair in terms that confuse you, ask them to use other words that you can understand. A professional mechanic like Service Pro Auto & Truck Repair is happy to oblige a curious customer and is glad to explain anything that needs clarification. If this is your first visit, don't be scared to ask for their credentials or references. They understand that you want to make sure they are trustworthy and capable, and don't mind proving that they can do the job properly. 


1 April 2015