3 Signs That Your Transmission May Need Servicing

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A car needs maintenance, and you should take care of your car to ensure longevity. One of the things you should check periodically is your transmission. You can have your mechanic check your transmission as recommended. But you should also be aware of a few things, as transmission issues could arise at any time. The following are 3 signs that might signal an issue with your transmission.

1. A Strange Smell

One of the most common signs is an unsettling burnt smell coming from under your hood. The reason for this smell could be that your transmission is overheating. There could be many reasons why your transmission would overheat. For example, your transmission could be overheating because there is not enough transmission fluid in the component. You may be able to fix this issue by simply adding transmission fluid to your car. 

But a transmission that is overheating could be caused by other issues too, such as the following:

  • The transmission may be leaking fluids. 
  • Your transmission filter may need to be cleaned. 

You need to make certain you see your transmission specialist as soon as possible because an overheating transmission could damage other parts of your car. Remember that checking your transmission fluid regularly can catch the aforementioned issue early. All you need to do is inspect the transmission fluid; if it looks black or brown, then it is time to change your fluid. It should have a color that is similar to copper. 

2. Funny Sounds

The next thing you can do to detect transmission issues is open your ears. All you have to do is perform the following simple test on your car:

  • Turn your car on, and put the car in neutral. 
  • Your car should not emit any noises when it is in neutral. Watch out for a loud thump-like sound.

Go see your mechanic if the loud thump does occur. Remember that transmission problems will only get worse. Detecting it early could mean a simple and inexpensive transmission fluid replacement for your car.

3. Gears Are Not Shifting Smoothly

If you suspect that your gears are not shifting properly, this could signal a problem. The following are 2 tests that can help you determine if you have a transmission problem.

The first is for those with manual cars:

  • There will be a grinding sound every time you shift gears in your manual car. 

The second is for automatic transmissions: 

  • Observe how your car changes from one speed to another. You should not be able to tell when your car changes gears--unless you have a problem with your transmission.

Be sure to have your mechanic inspect your car if you notice any of the aforementioned problems. 

As you can see, you can help detect early transmission problems by learning what to look for. Ask your transmission repair expert about additional tips that may help you with early detection. 


18 November 2014